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The county senior ladies football final between Ballymacarbry and Comeragh Rangers came to a premature halt in Fraher Field on Saturday last due to a serious incident when full back for Comeragh Rangers Ciara Dunphy, took ill and collapsed on the field of play. The incident which took place after 49 minutes of play necessitated a lengthy stoppage of over 30 minutes while nursing and paramedic personnel dealt with the situation and as a result referee Timmy Organ called the match to a halt. In the match itself, Comeragh Rangers started the more brightly but had three bad wides before Sinead Ryan registered Ballymac’s first score on four minutes. Aileen Wall doubled the lead and Sinead Ryan had two more points to leave Ballymac four points to the good after 13 minutes. Ruth Kirwan opened the Comeragh account with a point in the 14th minute. Sinead Ryan replied with a point one minute later before Michelle Ryan rattled the net with an unstoppable shot on the 16th minute to leave Ballymac in control on the score line Ballymac 1-5 Comeragh Rangers 0-1. Michelle Ryan got the only other score in the first half a point to leave eight between the teams at half time. Ballymac opened the second half in whirl wind fashion Aileen Wall pointed after 5 seconds and Sinead Ryan raised another white flag in 56 seconds.Comeragh got their second point of the game a point from Eibhlin Power in the 3rd minute but the comeback was short lived as Sinead Ryan and Linda Wall kicked two points for Ballymac in reply. Katie Murray kicked a Comeragh point in the 7th minute and it was all of eight minutes before we got the next score a goal from Sinead Ryan in the 45th minute to leave it Ballymac 2-10 Comeragh Rangers 0-3.This was to be the final score before the events mentioned above unfolded. Sincere thanks to Ballymac players Louise Ryan and Eibhlis Cooney along with Ballymac physio Colin Walsh and Comeragh Rangers first aider and paramedic Mick Norris for their quick thinking and professionalism in taking control of the situation and assisting Ciara until the ambulance services arrived. All in Waterford Ladies Football wish Ciara a speedy recovery. The replay of the match is fixed for Sunday morning next in Dungarvan GAA pitch at 11:30.

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Waterford Intermediate Ladies clinch final place Valium Roche Online Waterford Intermediate Ladies football team duly emulated their camogie counterparts with a comfortable win over Leitrim in the TG4 All Ireland semi final on Saturday last at Páirc na nGael in Limerick. Both teams went into this game with high expectations having impressively won their respective quarter finals. From the start Waterford were the more threatening of the two teams and as early as the second minute were denied a goal when Leitrim keeper Michelle Guckian made a great save from Sinead Ryan. Waterford could have had another goal immediately from the kickout when a slick passing movement ended up in the hands of Aileen Wall only for the Ballymacarbry starlet blazing wide with the goal at her mercy. Waterford were made pay in the 5th minute when a turn over by Leitrim led to Aine Tighe rounding Waterford keeper Katie Hannon and registering the first score of the game totally against the run of play a goal to leave the Westerners three points in front. This lead was short lived however when Aileen Wall buried the ball in the Leitrim net to level the scores after six minutes. Aine Tighe put Leitrim back in front with a free in the 8th minute and Dearbhaile Beirne stretched it to two in the 15th minute. The rest of the first half was a scrappy affair, Waterford had lots of possession but the Leitrim defence, playing out in front of the Waterford forwards were first to the ball and snuffed out the scoring chances. In the 17th minute Waterford pulled back a point when Maria Delahunty expertly kicked a 45 metre free, off the ground, over the bar. Waterford nearly got through for a goal in the 22nd minute but Grainne Kenneally’s effort was well saved by the Leitrim goalie. A free in the 28th minute by Sinead Ryan levelled matters and the Ballymac girl closed the scoring with a fine individual point just before half time to give Waterford a slender lead at half time on the score-line Waterford 1-3 Leitrim 1-2. How To Order Valium Online Waterford opened the second half with intent five unanswered points in the first six minutes left Waterford comfortably in front. Maria Delahunty kicked two frees in the 2nd and 3rd minutes. Aileen Wall kicked a point after a great catch in the middle of the field by Emma Murray in the 4th minute. Sinead Ryan kept the momentum going with appoint a minute later and a brilliant run through the heart of the Leitrim defence by Elaine Power was rewarded with a point. Aine Tighe cut the deficit to four points and indeed it could have been much closer in the 9th minute when a rasping shot from Carla Le Guen was brilliantly saved by Katie Hannon with Emma Murray relieving the danger by taking the ball off the goal line. In the 10th minute Aileen Wall pointed after a pass from Maria Delahunty but Aine Tighe quickly cancelled this out with a point from a very acute angle. Katie Hannon was once again call into action but the Ballyduff girl pulled off yet another great save to keep Waterford goal intact. Sinead Ryan collected a pass from Aileen Wall and pointed to put six between the teams. The game was virtually over as a contest when Michelle Ryan who had replaced Hannah Landers took a pass from Aileen Wall and buried the ball and Leitrim’s hopes in the back of the net to leave the Deise nine points clear with 13 minutes gone in the second half. Three unanswered points; a free from Sinead Ryan, a Grainne Kenneally effort and a Maria Delahunty score left Waterford twelve points in front in total control as the game entered the final quarter. The Waterford defence got a rude reminder in the 18th minute when Aine Tighe scored a great solo effort goal and Michelle Heslin and Tighe added points to cut the deficit to seven. Waterford hit the post through Caoimhe Mc Grath and Aileen Wall brought her personal tally to 1-2. Aoife Murray drew another brilliant save from the Leitrim goalie before Maria Delahunty with two points and one from Michelle Ryan closed out the scoring to leave Waterford to march on to an All Ireland final on the 27th September on the final score-line Waterford 2-17 to Leitrim’s 2-6. Aileen Wall was named player of the match and there were many impressive performances all over the field. Sinead Ryan and Maria Delahunty led the way in the scoring stakes as did substitute Michelle Ryan, but there was great work rate in the back with Elaine Power and Linda Wall driving the team on at every opportunity. Katie Hannon was excellent in goals and the Mc Grath sisters Karen and Michelle along with Megan Dunford and Emma Murray were sound at the back. This was a good team performance, especially in the second half and the girls now look forward to a third All Ireland appearance since 2010 against Kildare or Offaly on September 27th. Scorers for Waterford: M Delahunty 0-6 (2f, 1 45), A Wall 1-2, S Ryan 0-5 (2f), M Ryan 1-1, E Power & G Kenneally 0-1 each. Scorers for Leitrim: Á Tighe 2-4 (0-2f), M Heslin & S Tighe 0-1 each. WATERFORD; K Hannon; M Dunford, K McGrath, L Wall; E Murray, E Power, M McGrath; L Ryan, M Wall; H Landers, M Delahunty, A Wall; G Kenneally, S Ryan, M Foley. Subs: M Ryan for Landers (37), C McGrath for Foley (40), N Fennell for L Ryan (55) A Murray for S Ryan (55), N Dunphy for M Wall (58). LEITRIM: M Guckian; C Beirne, S Kerrigan, R McHugh; Á Heslin, L Brennan, M Hewitt; S McLoughlin, A Conlon; D Ward, N Tighe, M Stenson; D Beirne, Á Tighe, C LeGuen. Subs: M Heslin for Á Heslin (41), E Guckian for LeGuen (47).

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Cheap Valium For Sale Waterford Ladies Footballers in All Ireland semi final Waterford ladies intermediate football team hope to emulate their Camogie counterparts this weekend when they attempt to qualify for the TG4 All Ireland Intermediate final. Waterford travel to the Gaelic Grounds Limerick on Saturday to do battle with the Connacht champions Leitrim with a place in the All Ireland final at stake against either Kildare or Offaly. This promises to be an exciting match with the possible outcome being very difficult to call. In the Munster final Waterford had a four point victory margin over Clare while Leitrim had the same margin against the ladies from the Banner in the All Ireland Quarter Final. The two teams have met once already this season in a National Football League match back in April when the Deise came out on top on a score line of 5-11 to 3-9, but this result will count for nothing when the two teams do battle on Saturday. Both teams were impressive in their respective quarter finals, Waterford overcame Sligo, while Leitrim had to battle very hard to get the upper hand on Clare. Leitrim possess a fine panel of players, in Michelle Guckian they have one of the best goalkeepers in the country at the moment. Claire Beirne and Melissa Hewitt are excellent defenders and captain Sarah Mc Loughlin and Anna Conlon are a formidable midfield pairing. Up front their forwards are very sharp and quick to exploit any mistakes. Deirbhille Beirne give a player of the match performance in the Connacht final, while Áine Tighe presented major problems for Clare in the quarter final when she scored three goals and made a fourth for the Leitrim girls. Waterford have many stars of their own. Katie Hannon is a very accomplished goalkeeper and is ably aided by a strong defence which includes Megan Dunford, Elaine Power and the Mc Grath sisters Michelle and Karen. Linda Wall, the captain leads by example and covers every inch of the field for the cause. Waterford up front are also very strong with a very lively forward line which includes players of the calibre of Hannah Landers, Maria Delahunty, Aileen Wall Sinead Ryan and Gráinne Kenneally who are all more than capable of making life tough for the opposing defences. It is going to be a tough close encounter between two good teams but if the Waterford defence can put the shackles on Aine Tighe and the rest of the Leitrim forward line, the Deise ladies can look forward to an All Ireland final date at the end of September. Throw in, in Limerick on Saturday next August 29th is at 4:15 p.m. and forms part of a double header with the senior semi final between Munster rivals Kerry and Cork.

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All Ireland Intermediate Camogie Semi Final Review Waterford 3-10 Meath 3-9 Buy Valium Sweden Waterford delivered a second half performance full of courage, character and commitment as they clawed their way back from nine points down to pip Meath in an epic All Ireland semi final at Nowlan Park on Saturday. Sean Fleming’s side trailed by 3-5 to 0-5 after 33 minutes but three goals by Shona Curran, Aisling Power and Beth Carton utterly changed the complexion of the contest. The Déise defended heroically over seven minutes of stoppage time to cling on for a historic win as they set up a Croke Park date with Kildare on September 13. Waterford’s defiance and desire was best captured by the stellar performance of Patricia Jackman. The Gailltir heroine turned up in all areas of the pitch to try and inspire her team mates. She hit five points in all (three frees and two from play). Beth Carton raised her game in the second half and benefitted from a move into the full forward line. In defence, Claire Whyte, Charlotte Raher and Kate McMahon mopped up ball when Meath applied severe pressure late on. The substitutes also had their say with Shona Curran contributing 1-1 and Becky Kavanagh providing a steady influence in the full back line. Meath sharpshooter Jane Dolan started the scoring after just 53 seconds and Aoife Minogue added a free. Patricia Jackman reacted with a seventy metre free for a slightly tentative Waterford. On eight minutes, Kristina Troy landed a long distance free around the Déise goalmouth and Dolan managed to grab the sliotar and slip it to the net (1-2 to 0-1). Waterford claimed the next three points with Jennie Simpson finding the range from 65 metres and Jackman striking two. Both sides hit careless wides before Meath struck for two goals in rapid succession. On 24 minutes, Megan Thynne found Dolan who lashed a shot to the roof the net from close range. Another three-pointer followed a minute later as Thynne flicked home after Deirdre Brennan couldn’t handle Edel Guy’s point effort. Jackman got one back but the half belonged to the Royals. Jane Dolan ended with 2-3 to her credit as Meath went in eight points up (3-4 to 0-5). In a second half reshuffle, Kavanagh and Curran were introduced and Jennie Simpson resumed at centre forward. Meath extended their lead to nine however with another Minogue free. Waterford started to gain forward momentum and a Niamh Rockett point started a mini purple patch. Further points by Curran and Lorraine Bray followed (3-5 to 0-8). Sinead Hackett eased the pressure on Meath with a point against the run of play. Waterford then hit them with a flurry of goals. Aisling Power placed Curran in the clear after 41 minutes and the Lismore captain located the bottom corner. After supplying the first, Power fired home a low shot through a crowd of defenders and the gap was down to one. Jackman equalised with a free to the left to the posts. On 49 minutes, Carton cut in from the left flank and buried the ball past Emily Mangan (3-9 to 3-6). It wasn’t finished yet as Minogue and Carton traded points. After a subdued spell, Dolan struck two late singles to pare it down to the bare minimum. Four minutes of injury time were signalled but that extended to seven and Waterford had to batten down the hatches. They kept their discipline in those frantic moments and a vocal Déise support got behind the team to sneak them past the winning post. Scorers for Waterford: P Jackman 0-5 (3fs), B Carton, S Curran 1-1 each, A Power 1-0, L Bray, J Simpson, N Rockett 0-1 each. Scorers for Meath: J Dolan 2-5 (2fs), M Thynne 1-0, A Minogue 0-3 (2fs), S Hackett 0-1. Waterford: D Brennan; K McMahon, C Whyte, V Falconer; C Raher, J Simpson, I Heffernan; P Jackman, L Bray; N Morrissey, N Rockett, B Carton; A Power, C McGlone, D Power. Subs: B Kavanagh for Morrissey, S Curran for D Power, V O’Brien for J Simpson, J Simpson for A Power. Meath: E Mangan; E Coffey, C Coffey, G Coleman; A Keogh, K Troy, L O’Donoghue; A Maguire, K Hackett; S Hackett, E Guy, A Minogue; M Thynne, J Dolan, C O’Brien. Subs: A Gaffney for Guy, M Keogh for E Coffey, F O’Brien for Gaffney, A Thompson for Thynne. Referee: J Byrne (Dublin)