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Order Valium Online As chairman of Club Deise I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who participated in our Golf Classic which was held on the 11th, 12th, and 13th of last week in the West Waterford Golf Club. Buy Diazepam Generic Valium It was wonderful to see the great support from the golfing fraternity who, along with strong representation from the Waterford GAA Clubs and members of the Waterford Senior Hurling team, taking part in what was described by Club Captain David Condon, as the most successful in the history of the club!! Buy Diazepam Safely I would also like to thank our genial hosts, the Spratt family and their excellent staff, who treated everybody with great courtesy and efficiency.Everything was first class! The clubhouse and its magnificent golf course are situated in the Brickey Valley with spectacular views all round and and were the subject of very favourable comment….the views alone are worth the visit! Thanks should also go to the County Board for all their help and cooperation and who were there in numbers over the three days. I would also like to thank the following sponsors; Waterford county board, Flynn Hotel Group, and Sean Power, Harvey travel not forgetting all those who sponsored T boxes to numerous to mention.Last but not least, I wish to thank the organising committee, who, under the leadership of chairperson Helena Gough and Secretary Tom Doyle, were a constant presence through out the three days… their collective experience in this area was crucial to the success of this event. Many thanks to all concerned,. Tom Shanahan Valium Roche Online

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Spillane eager for Cork’s U-21 hurlers to end their barren Munster spell Brand Valium Online Anthony Spillane is urging the Cork U-21 squad to rise above a recent spate of injuriesOPEN GALLERY 1 The Rebels have been rocked by injuries to several key players including Stephen Murphy (finger), Dillon Cahill (shoulder) and Aaron Ward (wrist). Despite the lengthy list of absentees, Spillane, who was called into the senior panel back in February, is fully focused on ending the drought. “We’ve been unlucky really. I suppose it’s an opportunity for new fellas to come and really make the mark,” the Castlelyons club man said. “You can’t hide the fact that we haven’t had any success in minor and U-21 the last few years. I just think it’s a case of the other counties are coming up trumps. They’re going very strong. “Their schools are going well at Harty level. It’s important to get underage success to drive on to senior. “But there’s still a lot of players who have developed from minor and U-21 the last few years that are going well at senior now. I suppose if they had won success, it would obviously help at senior.” Pressure Even as a youngster, Spillane understands the pressures that come with pulling on a Cork jersey and he admitted that it is a different kind of pressure to that faced by most other counties. Nevertheless, the forward is adamant that the young players must grow accustomed to it and eventually thrive under the pressure. “Even when I was young going to matches, the expectation is for Cork to win, with the county so big. The tradition for hurling is so powerful,” Spillane acknowledged. “You are expected to win and when you don’t, you’re ultimately seen as a failure and you’re bound to come in for criticism. It’s just a bit of pressure, you have to get used to. “Our team when I was U-16, it was the first time Cork had ever won an All-Ireland. We were confident then going into the minor. It does have an impact when you’re reading and Cork haven’t won in so long and they need to get it. I think if we won one at all at minor and U-21, it would really bode well for the future and we’d drive on.” Spillane is hoping that Cork’s success at senior level in last year’s Munster Championship, when they ended an eight-year wait for the title, will inspire the younger generation when they take to the Páirc Uí Rinn pitch tomorrow. “If you could get one under-age, it would stop a little bit of the criticism anyway,” Spillane added. “It would be a big help to drive on.” Irish Independent

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The Deise have named an incredibly strong team to play Cork tomorrow night Waterford U21 team to play Cork on Wednesday night in Pairc Ui Rinn 1 Billy Nolan Roanmore 2 Shane Mc Nulty De La Salle 3 Kieran Bennett Ballysaggart 4 Conor Gleeson Fourmilewater 5 Michéal Harney Bonmahon 6 Tadhg De Búrcha Clashmore/Kinsalebeg 7 Shane Bennett Ballysaggart 8 Austin Gleeson Mount Sion 9 Tom Devine Modeligo 10 Colin Dunford Colligan 11 Stephen Bennett Ballysaggart 12 D.J. Foran Potlaw 13 Ryan Donnelly Dungarvan 14 Cormac Curran Brickey Rangers 15 Patrick Curran Dungarva

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Buy Diazepam Online From India Balllymacarbry win Munster 7’s competition Ballymacarbry were once crowned Senior Club `7`s champions in Mallow on Saturday to put themselves top of the charts when it comes to the art of seven a side competition when they beat Kilmihil of Clare in the final. Four goals from Aileen Wall in the final, two in the first five minutes put Ballymacarbry firmly in control while Michelle Ryan and Linda Wall added points, Kilmihil fought back with a goal and four points to leave the score at the break 3-5 to 1-4 Ballymac pushed on in the second half with goals from Sinead Ryan and Marion Ryan. Michelle McGrath was her usual hard working self while newcomers Becky Hogan and Becky Desmondperformed well all day for Waterford girls with goalie Lauren Fitzpatrick bringing off some excellent saves for them. Ailish Consdine tried hard for the Clare girls who were delighted to contest their first final. In the Intermediate competition, Clashmore the reigning champions from last year put on an exhibition of football and once again they reached the final after a pulsating semi final match against Mungret of Limerick which finished level and required a shoot-out in order for the Waterford side to advance to the final. The exertions of the previous game got the better of the Clashmore who came off second best against a very strong Glanworth team.