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Online Valium Uk 1. Jordan Henley Tallow 2. Shane McNulty De La Salle 3. Kieran Bennett Ballysaggart 4. Conor Gleeson Fourmilewater 5. Michéal Harney Bonmahon 6. Tadhg de Búrca Clashmore Kinsalebeg 7. Shane Bennett Ballysaggart 8. Austin Gleeson Mount Sion 9. Tom Devine Modeligo 10. Colin Dunford Colligan 11. Stephen Bennett Ballysaggart 12. D.J. Foran Portlaw 13. Ryan Donnelly Dungarvan 14. Patrick Curran Dungarvan 15. Mikey Kearney Ballydu

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Our under 16 team make the trek to Freshford Co. Kilkenny on Wednesday night (July 15th ) to take on Leinster champions Kildare in what promises to be a thrilling game of football. Waterford by virtue of wins earlier in the season over Limerick and Clare qualified for a Munster final against near neighbours Tipperary. In that Munster final Waterford narrowly came out on top by five points. The team under the management of Johnny Troy, Ger Curran, Margaret Foley and Fionnuala Flynn have prepared well for the game and are ready for the Kildare challenge. It will be a tough encounter as Kildare were very impressive in their Leinster campaign with a comprehensive win over Laois in the final. Our girls play an exciting brand of football, are well organised at the back and have forwards who are well able to take a score. It will be close but if the Waterford girls play to their potential, captain Chloe Fennell will be leading her team into an All Ireland final against either Roscommon or Cavan. Throw in, in Freshford is at 7:00 with Jonathan Murphy in charge of proceedings.

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Brand Valium Online Waterford Ladies football team made it seven Munster Intermediate titles in a row when they saw off a dogged Clare challenge by four points in the wind-swept Mallow GAA complex on Saturday last. Playing into a strong wind in the first half Waterford got off to an excellent start when Maria Delahunty got the first score of the game after 50 seconds with a well taken free. Delahunty doubled the Waterford lead when she repeated the action a minute later. Clare opened their account in the 4th minute when corner forward Grainne Nolan got a good point from 30 metres. Indeed Nolan could have given Clare the lead immediately afterwards but her shot for goal narrowly fizzled wide. Róisín Howley levelled matters with her first score of the day, a point in the 6th minute, before Sinead Ryan gave the Deise a lead in the 10th with a free. Hannah Landers stretched Waterford’s lead to three points with two well taken efforts in the 13th and 15th minutes respectively. Grainne Nolan got her second point for Clare on 16 minutes before Ailish Considine levelled matters with two free in the 18th and 20th minutes. Mary Foley put Waterford back in front in the 21st minute when she was on hand to take a pass from team captain Linda Wall and fire it over the bar. Maria Delahunty was on hand to strike a sweet point in the 26th minute but Clare’s Ailish Considine was on hand with two points of her own just before the break to leave it all-square at half time Clare 0-7 Waterford 0-7. Waterford started the second half with intent and Maria Delahunty had the opening score from a free in the second minute. In the 4th minute Aileen Wall started an attack out around midfield and was on hand to apply the finishing touches with a well taken point. Sinead Ryan tacked on a point in the 5th minute and Maria Delahunty stretched the lead to four points with a free on nine minutes. Sinead Ryan tapped over her third point in the 13th minute to leave Waterford well in control and leading by five on the score-line Waterford 0-12 Clare 0-5. The Deise girls were rocked on their heels in the 15th minute when a rocket from Roisin Howley hit the back of the Waterford net to narrow the margin to two points. Waterford responded in style to this set back, Grainne Kenneally was on the end of a brilliant through ball from Sinead Ryan and the Ballyduff forward made no mistake despite the best efforts of Emma O Driscoll. In the 21st minute the game took yet another twist when Clare were awarded a penalty. The spot kick by Roisin Howley was well saved by the Waterford custodian but the Clare forward was first to react to the ball and made no mistake at the second time of asking. Maria Delahunty settled the nerves with a pointed free in the 23rd minute and Sinead Ryan tacked on the insurance point after a pin-point pass from Aoife Murray. Clare still kept pressing an only for a marvellous interception by Megan Dunford kept the Clare forwards from registering their third goal. Referee Jason Creed blew the final whistle and there were great scenes of joy when Michael Ryan Munster PRO presented the Enda Mc Donnell Cup to fellow Ballymacarbry club member and Waterford captain, Linda Wall. Linda’s day was rounded off in style when she also picked up the award for Player of the final. Waterford now progress to the All Ireland quarter final on August 15th when they play against either: Tipperary, Roscommon or Sligo. Waterford lined out as follows Katie Hannon, Megan Dunford, Karen Mc Grath, Linda Wall (Capt.),Emma Murray, Elaine Power, Michelle Mc Grath, Louise Ryan, Mairead Wall, Hannah Landers(0-2), Maria Delahunty(0-5), Aileen Wall(0-1), Grainne Kenneally(1-0), Sinead Ryan(0-5), and Mary Foley(0-1). Subs used: Shauna Dunphy, Aoife Murray, Nora Dunphy, Michelle Ryan,

Cheap Valium For Sale

Valium Online Shop Tomas McCarthy Derek McGrath’s hurling addiction started from an early age. He collected the Gaelic Sport magazines during the ’80s and the Galway team of that era grabbed his attention. “I loved Joe Cooney and Martin Naughton as well, and the white boots of Gerry McInerney. My father hated them but I loved them. I just loved Galway,” recalls the Waterford manager. McGrath watched the 1990 All-Ireland final between Cork and Galway from the Nally Stand, and 25 years later, he can clearly recall the game’s key tactical switch. “Tomás Mulcahy came from the corner to centre-forward and that changed the whole game. It was like he said to Tony Keady, ‘I’ll take you down’,” he remembers. McGrath brings that fanatical streak to his management. The ability to store minute detail underpins his meticulous planning ahead of big matches. Selectors Dan Shanahan and Fintan O’Connor, along with the rest of the set-up, match McGrath’s pursuit of excellence. On weekends like this, he mines information from Shanahan. “Myself and Fintan defer to Dan on most things because, if you’ve 12 or 13 years of inter-county experience and three All Stars, it has to count for something,” he explains. “He’s been involved in eight Munster finals.” In anticipation of his first provincial decider at the helm, McGrath hoovers up information in pursuit of a peak performance. “There’s a realisation among us that everyone has to be 100pc on their ‘A’ game for us to win,” he says. “But we feel we have a chance and we are going there to play. We are very at ease with ourselves as a management because we are witnessing first-hand what the lads are putting into it. We can sleep easy knowing that their efforts are total.” McGrath wants his charges prepared for every scenario and has left nothing to chance. It has proven worthwhile, given the sticky situations Waterford have encountered of late – in games against Limerick, Offaly, Tipperary and Cork, they chased down leads. Their counter-attacking system has been perfected in those high-pressure environments but McGrath also recognises the need to keep things fresh. Will he be tempted to unveil a different plan this time? “There’s not pressure but there is thought put into it. We actually have changed in some games and maybe people didn’t pick up on it,” he says. “We have played differently in a number of games. There is a plan B. We try to roll them out in training or in games but maybe people don’t pick up on them, subtle things. “It’s imposing those plans without hamstringing fellas so that there is no fluidity in your play or that you are almost robotic. “A lot of it is decisions made by the boys on the pitch. It’s not PlayStation. “You would hope that players would adapt to the situation as they see it in front of them. There has to be an allowance for that. “You can’t be relying on a live feed from an iPad saying that James Barry has 12 possessions or Paddy Stapleton has ten possessions. “You have to allow your players a freedom to deal with the situation as it is in front of them.” Inter-county management complements his forensic research of the game. McGrath can rest easy tonight in the knowledge that everything is ready. Indo Sport