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Online Valium Uk Waterford manager Derek McGrath feels that Tipperary can call on some of the finest hurlers in history he tells McGrath is preparing his side to lock horns with the Premier County in Sunday’s Munster SHC final and he is under no illusions with regards to the enormity of the task facing his side: “They would have gained confidence from going to Limerick, silencing the crowd down there and just being ravenous in terms of their whole work rate and their overall play. I think some of the players playing with Tipperary are some of the best players that have ever played the game,” he states in The Irish Independent. “That’s how highly I would rate Tipperary. I read a very interesting article with Brendan Maher last year where he spoke about the hurt that some Tipperary players had felt as a result of criticism within their own county and it was a heartfelt interview. “That honesty is evident in the Tipperary team and there’s a real sense of a team on a mission. “When you have a forward line with Brendan Maher, ‘Bonnar’ Maher, ‘Bubbles’ O’Dwyer, Seamie Callanan, Niall O’Meara, Jason Forde, Lar Corbett from the bench and Noel McGrath, please God, to come back into it, I think you have brilliant players and brilliant stick men. “We have good players as well and I’m not just trying to build up one team. I just don’t think that Tipperary players have got the credit that they deserve over the years.”

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How To Order Valium Online Waterford Intermediate ladies put their Munster crown on the line on Saturday next July 11th when they take on Clare in an intriguing Munster final which will be played in Mallow with a 4:00 throw-in. Success in this final would give the Deise girls an unprecedented seventh title in a row and would be a major step on the road to All Ireland success in September. The two teams met a fortnight ago in Fraher Field in the dress rehearsal and Waterford came out on top on a 2-12 to 0-11 score-line. Saturday’s game will be a different affair however as there was nothing except pride at stake in the last encounter. Both teams will show a number of personnel and positional changes from the teams that lined out in Fraher Field. Ailish Considine and Eimear Hillery will be back for Clare and a number of Waterford minors who were rested will see action in the Intermediate final. It promises to be an exciting game as both teams possess top quality players who are well capable of producing the magic when needed. Waterford forwards especially Sinead Ryan, Hannah Landers and Maria Delahunty are in a rich vein of scoring at the moment and the Clare defence will have their hands full trying to deal with the Deise threat. The Waterford defence looks strong with players of the calibre of Megan Dunford, Karen Mc Grath, Michelle Mc Grath, Karen Mc Grath and Elaine Power always ready to close down the scoring strength that Ailish Considine, Eimear Hillery and Grainne Nolan possess. Both teams have excellent goalkeepers in Emma O Driscoll for the Banner and Ballyduff’s Katie Hannon for the Deise and neither will be found wanting on the day. It will be a close run thing but Waterford should possess too much fire power for the Clare girls and Linda Wall the captain ably aided by her sisters Mairead and Aileen and the other members of the Deise squad should have the Enda Mc Donnell cup coming back to Waterford on Saturday next. Throw in, in Mallow is at 4:00 on Saturday July 11th.

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Waterford Ladies Minor team took on a very powerful Tipperary team in the Munster B final in Glanworth on Saturday last and despite a brave effort well beaten in the end on a scoreline of Tipperary 6-9Waterford 1-9. The old adage that goals win matches was certainly true in this instance as in the first half Tipperary punished Waterford mistakes with goals and while each team had six scores each in the first half the crucial difference was that four of the Tipperary scores were goals. In the early stages Roisin Howard and Orla O Dwyer raised green flags for the Tipp girls but Waterford slowly got into the game with points from Lauren Mc Gregor(2),Katie Murray(2)Aoife Murray and Kate Hahessey but Tipp pounced with two killer goals just before half time courtesy of Orla O Dwyer and Caoimhe Condon to leave the Tipp girls in front at half time on a 4-2 to 0-6 scoreline. Waterford started the second half brightly wit a point from Lauren Mc Gregor but this was quickly replied to by a point from Aoibhe O Shea. The game was over as a contest in the 6th minute of the second half when Niamh Treacy got Tipp’s fifth goal and Caoimhe Condon helped herself to another one in the 18th minute. Waterford never gave up fighting and they were rewarded with an Emma Murray goal., followed by points from Lauren Mc Gregor and Liz Devine but it was all to no avail as Tipperary went into overdrive and finished with a barrage of points from Orla O Dwyer,Aoibhe O Shea, Megan Shanahan and two sublime efforts from Aisling Moloney.A deserved win for Tipp who now go forward to the All Ireland series. Commiserations to the Deise squad who played with heart and commitment but it was not to be their day. The Waterford panel was as follows: Rioghnach Hyland, Kate Mc Grath, Caitriona O Brien, Caragh Mc Carthy, Katie Hayes, Caoimhe Mc Grath, Megan Dunford, Emma Murray, Rebecca Casey, Chloe Fennell, Ciara Hurley, Kate Hahessey, Lauren Mc Gregor, Aoife Murray, Katie Murray, Lucy O Shea, Grace Heffernan, Carrie O Keeffe, Geraldine Power, Katie Fowler, Paula Cliffe, Liz Devine, Lauren Guiry and Hannah Power.