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How To Order Valium Online Tony Comerford’s Terrace Anthem is here for 2016. Have a listen below and lets get behind all our GAA teams. Performed by the Comerford Brothers Deise Blue and White (Chorus) Deise blue, Deise white Proud colours flying high Every heart will stand and fight For Deise blue and white (1st Verse) The roaring of the crowd It fills our hearts with pride And lifts our spirits high And the blood, sweat and tears Of our heroes down the years Keeps our dreams alive (Repeat Chorus) (2nd Verse) From every corner of our county Answering the call We march on to the Park Every clash of the ash Every pull and every catch Makes us who we are (Repeat Chorus once – go up a full tone and repeat again)

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Buy Generic Valium Online Waterford minors have a tough task ahead of them when they face hot favourites Tipperary in the Munster Final on Saturday next. Tipp will be the raging hottest of favourites due to the fact that they ran Cork very close in the Munster A final only losing out by the slimmest of margins in the dying seconds of the game. Waterford managed by Crohan Mc Gregor and ably aided by Joe Murray and Sean Curry have prepared well although their preparations have been hampered by a number of injuries to key players. Tipperary have a very strong panel and in Louise Cadell, Shania Dowling, Caoimhe Condon, Maria Curley and Elaine Fitzpatrick have players who have great skill and experience. Their forwards will have to be watched closely as their scorers in chief; Aoibhe O Shea and centre forward Aisling Moloney have the fire-power to do serious damage if given the opportunities to do so. Waterford will not be found wanting however and have some quality players of their own. Rioghnach Hyland from the Ballyduff club has impressed in recent weeks in goals. The back line looks strong with players like Caitriona O Brien, Kate Mc Grath,Caragh Mc Carthy Megan Dunford, Caoimhe Mc Grath and Katie Hayes all ready to repel the Tipp attacks. Midfield should be an interesting battle with Rebecca Casey and Emma Murray matching up with Aoife Corcoran and Elaine Fitzpatrick. In the forward line Waterford have potential match winners in Chloe Fennell,Aoife Murray, Katie Murray, Lauren Mc Gregor, Kate Hahessey, Liz Devine, Lauren Guiry and Ciara Hurley who are all well able to score. It promises to be an intriguing tie with no quarter being given or asked. Throw-In in Fraher Field on Saturday next 4th July is at 12:30

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Feile Peil na nÓg 2015 Well done to Gaultier and Ballysaggart Ladies teams who represented the county with pride last week end. Gaultier had a titanic struggle in the final of their division being narrowly beaten by Clan na Gael on the score-line 1- 6 to 1-5.Ballysaggart reached the semi final of their division bowing out to a very strong St Ailbhe’s team from Limerick. Our thanks to all involved in the two clubs who gave the girls this wonderful opportunity.