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The Waterford GAA’s Official supporters club Club Deise are proud to announce that they are taking part in OnePageCRM’s Buy Diazepam Fast Delivery. Buy Genuine Diazepam Online is a client management system that uses a to-do list approach to boost productivity and sales. Designed for small to medium sized businesses, OnePageCRM helps convert leads to customers, track customer interactions and grow your business. While headquartered in Galway, OnePageCRM is the brainchild of Kilrossanty man and ex-county footballer Michael FitzGerald. “We’re delighted to offer Club Deise a solution to help them keep track of their memberships. There’s a lot of hard work put in to run a club, and if using OnePageCRM makes the process easier, then we’re happy to prov​ide that system.” Michael FitzGerald. You can check out OnePageCRM by registering for their free 21 day trial or for further information email: or phone: 076 680 5459. OnePageCRM | Unit 5, Business Innovation, Upper Newcastle, Galway.

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Allianz Hurling League | Waterford GAA
Waterford GAA Vs Kilkenny opening match NHL
As the new 2017 Allianz Hurling League season kicks off with an explosive opening match for the Waterford team, we urge our supporters to get out and cheer on the lads at Nowlan Park this Sunday. Waterford will be desperate for a winning start to the season and what more encouragement will be than to beat the team who knocked us out of the All Ireland semis after a replay. Throw in is at 14:00 and tickets are available online How To Order Valium Online Tickets can also be pre purchased at Centra or Supervalu before Sunday and receive a 20% discount on adult tickets. If you haven’t signed up for your membership pack including a DVD of the U21’s journey to winning the All Ireland Championship. Buy Diazepam Nz funding goes to Waterford teams for essential training costs and equipment. Déise Abu!