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It has been an incredibly successful first 12 months for Club Déise and this has been reflected on the pitch with promotions, league champions and two All Ireland titles. Order Valium Online Club Déise 2016 is already well underway and if you’d like to get involved in any capacity email
Opening Balance 9 April 2015:
Current Account €4,492.36
Deposit Account €10,805.57
Membership lodged €11,333.12 SH Weekend in Kerry 2016 €4,500.00
Corporate Income €58,897.36 SH Week in Fota 2016 €14,000.00
St Mollerans Corporate night €5,180.00 SH Weekend in Clonea 2015 €6,786.90
Profit on Golf €9,163.17 SH Weekend pre Semi Final 2015 €2,500.00
Profit on Tramore Races €13,834.24 Portion of Golf Classic to Co Board €5,000.00
Balance in old Golf Acc €1,153.74 Portion of Glanbia sponsorship to Co Board €5,000.00
Sundry Income €20.00 Contribution to Holiday Fund 2015 €5,000.00
Interest Received €1.63 Boots for Senior Hurlers €3,420.00
Player of Year Awards 2015 €1,000.00
Awards night -Nat Hurling Lge €4,557.90
Senior Hurlers – Advance on Holiday €5,000.00
McGrath Cup medal presentation €812.70
Ballysaggary – Due since 2014 €800.00
Coaching & Games €2,000.00
Waterford Camogie €4,600.00
Waterford Ladies Football €4,000.00
Tony Forrestal €1,500.00
Brickey Rangers -Feile €300.00
WEB Site design €1,230.00
IT €498.96
Corporate Meeting €410.50
Corporate Printing €762.60
Members Packs, Etc 2015 & 2016 €6,698.32
Post, Stationery,etc €586.55
Tramore races 2015 €1,200.00
Printing  – U16 tickets for NL €553.50
County Grounds Signage €1,485.72
Display Banners €672.76
Meeting Expenses €50.00
Bank Charges €207.23
Closing Balance at 6th March 2016:
Current Account €12,282.23
Deposit Account €14,307.20
Pay Pay Account €3,158.12
            Total Closing Balances €29,747.55
 ————-  ————-
€114,881.19 €114,881.19
 =========  ==========
Buy Diazepam Generic Valium Buy Diazepam Safely

Brand Valium Online

Valium Online Fast Shipping Scoil Mhuire Carrick-on Suir  take All Ireland Colleges Crown Scoil Mhuire Carrick on Suir were crowned the Lidl PPS Senior A All Ireland Champions after a fantastic battle with Coláiste Íosagáin in Kilkenny’s Nowlan Park on Monday. This was a great performance from the Tipperary based school but who had an amazing 15 players from Comeragh Rangers on their panel of 21 with 11 Comeragh Rangers girls on the starting 15   Although they were facing a more experienced opponent it was Scoil Mhuire who settled quicker as their captain, Aoife Murray converted a close in free that she herself had earned. Michelle Ní Chiardha, who formed part of a powerful Íosagáin midfield replied from a similar free before Katie Murray received a pass from her sister, Aoife, and struck her first point of the day. Hannah Ní Dheá struck the equaliser, Aoife Murray and Michelle Ní Chairdha then swapped points before Scoil Mhuire hit a purple patch that saw them strike 1-03 without reply between the 20th and 30th minute, the goal coming from Keely Corbett Barry who slid the ball home after a beautiful pass from Emma Murray leaving the Carrick On Suir girls ahead by 1-07 to 0-03. Scoil Mhuire immediately resumed where they had left off in the second half as Aoife Murray got on the end of a passing move straight from the thrown in to score the opening point. However, Coláiste Íosagáin, the 2014 champions, began to get back into the game as Billy Kate Huggard, Michelle Ní Chiardha and Grace Ní Shé all struck over points with just a single reply from Aoife Murray leaving 6 points between the sides. Áine Power appeared to have weathered the storm for Scoil Mhuire as she pointed from distance with Aoife Murray adding a free and then Geraldine Power rattled the ball to the Íosagáin net to seemingly leave Scoil Mhuire with an unassailable lead with 12 minutes to go However, half time substitute Sinead de Bhuilde had other ideas as she found the net twice from close range to drag Íosagáin back into the match as inspirational midfielder Michelle Ní Chiardha added a free and Grace Ní Shé scored one from play to leave just a goal between the sides. However, Geraldine Power stepped up when needed most as she scored a point to steady her school followed by an unstoppable goal to break the Coláiste Íosagáin resolve. Katie Murray then added a point along with points from Keeley Corbett Barry and another from Murray before Beth Norris wrapped up the game with a well taken goal as Scoil Mhuire from Carrick on Suir claimed the Lidl Senior A All Ireland title. There were stars all over the field for Scoil Mhuire with their full back line containing the threat of the Íosagáin forwards very well. Kellyann Doyle and Emma Murray did well against a very strong Íosagaín pairing at mid-field. Up front Katie Murray and her sister, Aoife, proved to be real thorns in the Íosagáin side with Keeley Corbett-Barry having an extremely effective outing but when Scoil Mhuire were in real trouble it was Geraldine Power who dug them out of trouble as she was named player of the match. Valium Online Shop Scoil Mhuire Scorers: Aoife Murray 0-06 (4 frees) Katie Murray 0-06, Keely Corbett Barry 1-01, Geraldine Power 2-02, Áine Power 0-01, Beth Norris 1-00   Meánscoil San Nioclás An Rinn take Munster crown in an exciting finish In an exciting encounter played in a wind-swept Páirc Dheagláin on Friday last Meáncoil San Nioclás annexed the Munster Colleges Senior D crown with a hard earned one point victory over Scoil Mhuire Gan Smál Blarney. In a game that ebbed and flowed all through the commitment of all the Meánscoil players shone through. Two excellent goals by Dungarvan’s Lucie O Shea spurred on the Meánscoil to keep fighting to the end. Excellent work was done by Hannah de Paor (An Seanphobail) and Hannah Power (St Pat’s) at mid-field to ensure a plentiful supply of possession went into the forwards. In an exciting last ten minutes a goal by the Blarney full forward left the Cork side a point to the good but with three minutes to go captain Carrie Ní Fhoghlú showed all her leadership qualities with a well taken point to level matters. It seemed that a draw was to be the inevitable result but up stepped Dawn Power with a wonderful point in the last seconds to give the Meánscoil a well deserved Munster title on the final scoreline Meánscoil San Nioclás 2-8 Blarney 2-7. In a welter of excitement captain Carrie Ní Fhoghlú was presented with the cup and Hannah Power was named Player of the Match by Munster Council official Dave Daly. Congratulations to everyone involved and especially their trainer Waterford’s senior goalkeeper Katie Hannon. Maith sibh uilig.     Blackwater Community School take Munster C plate In a week of success for Waterford players, Blackwater Community School were not to be outdone when they took the Munster Junior C plate in exciting circumstances with a well deserved victory over Coláiste an Phiarsaigh Glanmire on the score-line of Blackwater Community School 1-7 Coláiste an Phiarsaigh 1-6. Claire Daly (Ballyduff) was the proud Blackwater captain as she accepted the shield on behalf of her team mates and such was Claire’s excellent performance that she was named player of the match. Congratulations to all involved especially their management team Michelle Ryan, Catherine Aherne and Yvonne Coleman. Inter-varsities Football weekend Well done to the wonderful Waterford representation who represented their respective colleges in Tralee at the weekend. Nine players from the county plated in the competition at the weekend. in the O Connor Cup we had for UL Aileen Wall (Ballymacarbry) & Caoimhe McGrath (Abbeyside) and for UCC – Liz Devine (Kilrossanty Brickeys) In the Giles Cup Carlow IT was captained by Hannah Landers (Ballyduff) while Roisin Tobin & Fiona Morrissey (Abbeyside) & Aoife Dunne (Comeragh Rangers) represented Mary Immaculate College and Mary Kate Morrissey (Na Déise) represented Cork IT in the same competition. In the Lynch Cup Waterford IT qualified for the weekend and Shauna Dunphy (Comeragh Rangers) was the sole Waterford representative on the team.   Déise Day update Tickets are selling out Fast for Déise Day in Punchestown onSaturday 30th April 2016. Proceeds from this fundraiser are to be split 50/50 between Waterford GAA and the Waterford Ladies Development Fund. Tickets which cost €150 per person are very limited and are available from contact Edel , secretary Deise day committee: Mobile 086 0777617 or any of our committee members: Pat Grant, Nicky Sheehan, John Jackson, Lisa Cronin, Michael Ryan, Anthony Walsh, John Murphy, Patricia Ferncombe before Sunday next 20th March Don’t forget the wonderful raffle with a Scandinavian Cruise as first prize, and tickets to see The Boss Bruce Springsteen in Croke Park as second prize and All Ireland Football and Hurling tickets as third and fourth prizes. A sincere thank you to all who bought raffle tickets in Dungarvan Shopping Centre on Saturday and at Walsh Park on Sunday. Tickets will also be available at the National League Hurling Match v Galway on Sunday next. All ladies football clubs also have tickets for the raffle and are available from the various club officers. Waterford Ladies Football Golf Classic   In conjunction with the Waterford Ladies Football Golf Classic which will be held in Dungarvan Golf Club on 15th and 16th April, a raffle will be held. For the cost of €2 you could end up with any one of a number of appealing prizes. First prize being a 7 night’s holiday in Lanzarote, with a hotel break, meals out and signed jerseys as the runner up prizes. All proceeds are going towards the training funds for our various county teams. All the players on the county panels are selling these tickets at the moment so go on support the girls. It could be the best €2 you ever spend.       Valium Online Shop

Valium Online Next Day Delivery

The Punchestown 5 day racing festival takes place from Tuesday 26th to Saturday 30th April 2016. Waterford GAA and Waterford Ladies have teamed up for their 2nd year together and  will hold Deise Day at Punchestown on Saturday 30th April 2016. Proceeds from this fundraiser to be split 50/50 between Waterford GAA and the Waterford Ladies Development Fund. Tickets are now on sale at €150 per person/€1,500 for a table of ten, ticket price includes: Admission and reserved enclosure badge
  • Four course meal with complimentary wine
  • Racecard
  • Afternoon Tea
  • MC – Ted Walsh Junior
  • Live music after the last race – The Cider Wasps
  • Private betting & bar facilities
  • Wonderful panoramic views of the track and final fence
  A great day out is guaranteed!! Team up with your family& friends and come along to a great days racing at Punchestown. To secure your tickets- Contact Edel , secretary deise day committee: Order Valium Online Uk Mobile 086 0777617 or any of our committee members: Pat Grant, Nicky Sheehan, John Jackson, Lisa Cronin, Michael Ryan, Anthony Walsh, John Murphy, Patricia Ferncombe. Payment to be made on or before Sunday 20th March 2016. Also, There will also be a raffle on the day and the prizes are as follows – 1st Scandinavian Cruise 2nd 4 Tickets for Bruce Springsteen at Croke Park 3rd 2 All Ireland Hurling Tickets 4th 2 All Ireland Football Tickets Tickets €20 each/3 for €50. Tickets on sale now. Follow them on Facebook – Deise Day 2016. They are running a facebook competition to win 2 tickets.